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   Wei Miao
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1. W. Miao, W. Zhang, J.Q. Zhong et al., “Non-uniform absorption of terahertz radiation on superconducting hot electron bolometer microbridges,” Applied Physics Letters, vol. 104, p. 052605, 2014.
2. W. Miao, Z. Lou, G.Y. Xu, et al., “Demonstration of a fully integrated superconducting receiver with a 2.7 THz quantum cascade laser,” Optics Express, vol. 23, pp. 4453~4458, 2015.
3. W. Miao, W. Zhang, K.M. Zhou et al. “Phase-locking of a terahertz solid-state source using a superconducting hot-electron bolometer mixer,” Superconductor Science and Technology, vol. 26, p.085005, 2013.
4. W. Miao, W. Zhang, K.M. Zhou et al., “Direct measurement of the Input RF Noise of superconducting hot electron bolometer receivers, IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity,” vol. 23, p. 2300104, 2013.
5. W. Miao, W. Zhang, K.M. Zhou et al., “Investigation of the performance of NbN superconducting HEB mixers of different critical temperatures,” IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity, vol. 27, p. 2200304, 2016.
6. W. Miao, H. Gao, Z. Wang et al., “A Graphene-based terahertz hot electron bolometer with Johnson noise readout,” Journal of Low Temperature Physics, vol. 192, 2018.
7. W. Miao, Y. Delorme, A. Feret et al., “Comparison between hot spot modeling and measurement of a superconducting hot electron bolometer mixer at submillimeter wavelengths,” Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 106, p. 103909, 2009.

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