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Title Author Journal Year Vol. No. pp.
Cross sections of proton- and neutron-induced reactions by the Liege intranuclear cascade model Chen Jian,Dong Tiekuag,Ren Zhongzhou PHYSICAL REVIEW C 2016 93 6 1
Observations of solar flares with IRIS and SDO Li Dong,Innes, D. E,Ning Zongjun ASTRONOMY & ASTROPHYSICS 2016 587 A11
The distant outer gas arm between l=35deg and l=45deg Su Yang,Sun Yan,Li Chong,Zhang Shaobo,Zhou Xin,Yang Ji,Chen Xuepeng,Fang min ApJ 2016 1 59
New upper limits of a braneworld model with recent Solar System tests Deng Xuemei Modern Physics Letters A 2016 31 5 1650021-1
The second post-Newtonian light propagation and its astrometric measurement in the Solar System: Light time and frequency shift Deng Xuemei International Journal of Modern Physics D 2016 25 7 1650082-1
Solar System tests of a scalar-tensor gravity with a general potential: Insensitivity of light deflection and Cassini tracking Deng Xuemei Physical Review D 2016 93 4 044013-1
The bi-directional moving structures in a coronal bright point Li Dong,Ning Zongjun,Su Yingna Astrophysics and Space Science 2016 361 301
Frequency analysis of the non-principal-axis rotation of uniaxial Lin Houyuan,Zhao Changyin,Zhang Mingjiang Advances in Space Research 2016 57 1189
Electron Acceleration by Cascading Reconnection in the Solar Corona. II. Resistive Electric Field Effects Liu Siming,Zhou Xiaowei,Gan Weiqun The Astrophysical Journal 2016 827 2 94
Cosmological tests with the FSRQ gamma-ray luminosity function Zeng Houdun Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 2016 462 3 3094